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Light Rosekitchen with veneer imitation

Style: modern kitchenManufacturer: Lilit.StudioModel: K 046Availability: pre-orderColor: combinedBody: chipboard (18 mm)Table top: chipboard imitating veneerFacade: painted MDF + veneer imitationFittings: Blum

Price: without taking into account the tabletop from $950 per linear meter

Delivery and installation in Kyiv:FREE

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Chipboard table top

Affordable price, high quality. Laminated chipboard, one of the cheapest materials used in kitchen countertops.

special moisture-resistant production technology;
ecologically clean raw materials are used;
Austrian materials;
heat resistance and resistance to various types of damage;
original decorations imitating natural stone.

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Blum fittings and only Blum

The world-famous Austrian brand, founded in 1952, has been delighting consumers with the quality of its products for decades.

Blum has its own quality standards, which are formed under the influence of data obtained from observing activities in the kitchen. All products undergo careful control and numerous tests, in particular, a load test and quality of movement.

Features and advantages of Blum fittings

● The upper opening of the lifting mechanisms provides convenient access to all areas of the cabinet.
● All mechanisms are silent and ensure soft closing.
● It is possible to adjust the opening angle of the door.
● Mechanisms with closers have a damping system - they close gently, despite the weight.
● Hinges are mounted easily, there is no need to use special tools.
● The fittings are durable and of high quality.

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Painted MDF facades

Facades made of painted MDF are in great demand among customers. Easy to handle, practical, durable and can be made in any shape.

Advantages of painted facades:
● a wide selection of colors and shades;
● various types of coatings: gloss, chameleon, semi-matte, metallic, etc.;
● good resistance to the influence of elevated temperatures;
● a huge selection of forms.

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Kitchen appliances of leading brands

Since we are a design studio, we have preferences for suppliers of kitchen appliances. As a bonus for our customers, we are happy to share our discounts.

You get equipment at a price cheaper than in an online store, plus installation and warranty service.

Our managers will select for you a complete set of equipment according to your wishes and budget.

We work only with the best brands:


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